Carrot Shake Jake

Posted by collect3d, August 24th, 2009

carrot shake jake img 1 Carrot Shake Jake

Carrot Shake Jake is the very first self-produced vinyl figure created by Gary Ham. Standing at 6-inches tall, from ear to floor, Jake is beset by some rather peculiar body issues – his teeth are so big that he can’t munch on carrots like regular rabbits, he has to drink carrot shakes instead. Jake also has extraordinarily big ears (he comes with two sets of interchangeable ears), even for a rabbit and his feet are ridiculously small, especially for a rabbit. Despite these oddities, Carrot Shake Jake is still one rocking rabbit and he comes packaged in a fun box, with his story printed on the back. He’s only being made in a production run of 500 so collectors best get ready for the hop, um, drop…

Source: DKE Toys


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