Buff Monster’s New Plush Line

Posted by collect3d, August 14th, 2010

Buff Monsters New Plush Line 1 Buff Monsters New Plush Line

Buff Monster‘s new plush line is about to launch, and we’ve got some important details on the finer points of the line! All told, there will be ten editions of the plush, with each variant available at a different retailer. The default pink piece is available from most retailers, but the other nine are exclusives!

The grey Get It On edition is a Neon Monster exclusive, Ram It Down is available from Rotofugi, Ride the Serpent is from Dragatomi, Pink is Power is from 3DRetro, Bring it On is exclusive to Buff himself, Life is Sweet is from Giant Robot, and Tastes So Good is a SDCC exclusive that Buff is selling surplus pieces of through his shop.

Source: Vinyl Pulse


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