Buff Monster x Vannen ‘Happy Cream’ Watch

Posted by collect3d, January 7th, 2010

Buff monster Happy Go lucky watch Buff Monster x Vannen Happy Cream Watch

Buff Monster is the Hollywood-based artist with a wild eyed style that helps him blend the cute with the creepy! In the past, he’s been involved with painting and silkscreening, with installations appreciated in galleries in Los Angeles and NYC, but he has also worked on vinyl projects, and even watches. So when we came across this particular ‘Happy Cream’ Japanese Quartz wrist watch made in association with Vannen, we simply had to take notice. The plastic glossy strap is a milkshake strawberry blend of pinks & creams, with black details. In addition to the flower details and Buff Monster logo, on the watches’ face there’s a chubby monster sticking out his tongue! Be sure to get yours here quickly, for there are only 500 of these pieces worldwide.


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