Brownbreath x Momot ‘Paper Figurines’

Posted by collect3d, January 7th, 2010

Brownbreath momot paper figures Brownbreath x Momot Paper Figurines

Brownbreath, the Korean creative studio specializing in designing everything from shops to magazines and even apparel, have worked on these paper figurines with the paper toy makers of Momot. Six males make up this ecclectic entourage of characters, who have bonded over their love of facial hair (they all have moustaches, beards or both), and the Brownbreath clothing line (which they are wearing!). And the best part is that you get to assemble each figure (perfect for those boring rainy days); turning it from from figure pancake flat to a 3D toy – thanks to the instructions of course! Each toy is sold separately, so it’s up to you whether you want to get one or the whole lot. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that these flat fellows will keep you entertained.

Source: Freshness


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