Bandai ‘Dorosseru’ Robot Figure

Posted by collect3d, February 26th, 2010

Bandai Dorosseru Robot img 3 Bandai Dorosseru Robot Figure

The Bandai ‘Dorosseru’ Robot figure is inspired by the Disney produced CG animation movie Fireball and comes with Blue-LED lights to give it the movie-like authenticity. Dorosseru comes complete with movable joints — the legs and arms are made from a super alloy material — and stands at around 7-inches tall. Unfortunately this figure is only available in Japan…


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  1. brownkidd says:

    Her name’s actually Drossel, but those silly Japanese in their L-less ways pronounce it “Dorossuru”. Fun fact: Fireball is the first Disney property exclusive to a non-U.S. country!

    You can also buy one from for like $80 or so. I’m way too cheap for that, so I just settled for the tiny little Nendoroid version with light-up eyes.

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