Atomic Mushroom’s ‘Panzer Ace’ Superhero Robot

Posted by collect3d, January 26th, 2010

PanzerAce AtomicMushroom Atomic Mushrooms Panzer Ace Superhero Robot

Atomic Mushroom’s new design for the Superhero robot line is ‘Panzer Ace,’ the 21cm vinyl robot equipped with a jet-pack and cannon, that will rocket into circulation around April 2010. The medium-sized ‘bot is done up in yellow-and-blue, with silver metallic touches and screw details, will help his pal ‘Combat R Zero,’ defeat the evil Tyran invaders by using his GO-BOLT power, jet-pack and speed power. Panzer Ace will be limited to 250 pieces — so keep your radar scanner locked-in — you wouldn’t want to leave the rest of your Superhero robots to battle it out alone.

Source: Spanky Stokes


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