Anthony Hall Toy Radio Design

Posted by collect3d, December 16th, 2009

AnthonyHall ToyRadioDesign img 1 Anthony Hall Toy Radio Design

Designer AnthonyHall creates this neat toy radio in the form of a black and grey six-inch robot figurine. The most interesting aspect of this plaything is the fact that the radio components of it are almost perfectly incorporated into the toy, making it a bit difficult, at first, to notice its multiple functions. But, the size of it makes you wonder how effective it will be as a radio, and with the limitatoins of the power cord, as a toy.


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  1. Anthony Hall says:

    Thanks for the blog posting!

  2. The hall Toy Radio which is named as AnthonyHall is pretty good. This is like the Robot form and it is in the colour of grey and black. Great effort. Thanks to give this post.

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