Angry Woebots “Nightmare” Panda King Releasing

Posted by collect3d, July 13th, 2010

NPK1 Angry Woebots Nightmare Panda King Releasing

Angry Woebots latest Panda King resin figure has been making waves of news for the past little bit, but now there are official pictures up of the actual figure. The “Nightmare” edition of the Panda King is an all-black figure with red blood accents on it, this is limited to 80 pieces and each one is hand painted. This one sports a nice looking silver crown, rather than the original gold crown. 40 of these will be on sale at the SDCC, while the other 40 will be available online on July 14th at Retailing for $250 each, you should grab these quick because last time, these were sold out very fast.

Source: Spanky Stokes


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