Andrew Bell O-No Sushi Omochastore Exclusive Purple Edition

Posted by collect3d, March 25th, 2010

AndrewBell O No Sushi Purple Andrew Bell O No Sushi Omochastore Exclusive Purple Edition

Andrew Bell has announced the O-No Sushi purple edition is to be released exclusively via Omochastore, a new Canadian retailer based in Ontario. In addition to the standard Green edition, Omochastore is also offering a special edition of the standard Red set, with cartoon and lidded sad eyes, and while the purple edition is exclusive, it is not as limited as the Blues and Gray editions…

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  1. Jordon C.I says:

    Found these in a search before I bought the purple. Coupon codes are awesome

    “abell-2113” = $5(CAD) off of any order
    “abell-9857” = $15(CAD) off of any order of 2+ sets

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