Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigua ‘What-did-I-Eat-Elephunts?’

Posted by collect3d, January 11th, 2010

What I did eat by switcheroo all items Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigua What did I Eat Elephunts?

Amanda Visell resides in Los Angeles, and has dabbled in several artistic projects ranging from designing merchandise for Walt Disney, to print-making and sculpture. Visell amazes us, once again, with her new vinyl experimentation dubbed ‘What-did-I-Eat-Ephunts,’ created in collaboration with Michelle Valigua. These boxy ephunts from Switcheroo are so popular in their Savanna home, that they are always followed by a friendly entourage of creatures like dwarfs and ducks. The best part is, when you plug these hungry characters into an electrical outlet, they will light up to reveal what they’ve eaten for breakfast.

Source: KRonikle


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