Collect3d’s Custon ‘Girafarig’ Raffy

Posted by collect3d, January 8th, 2010

Custom made pokemon giraffe side Custon Girafarig Raffy

Okay, we admit it the days of Pokémon are long behind us — simply stored in the back of our minds as childhood memories, but when we saw this cusom Raffy by on the Kidrobot message boards, we couldn’t help being in awe. This toy-enthusiast has taken the Raffy base from the Munnyworld collection and, with some jellybean coloured handpainting, has produced this ‘Girafarig’ figure (a giraffe creature from the Pokémon series)! Although, on the show, this mutated giraffee was a bit threatening, we see nothing but pure innocence and playfulness in its droplet blue eyes, and its smiley-faced tail.

Source: tomopop


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