3A Toys ‘Clamshells Soup’ Bramble

Posted by collect3d, March 17th, 2010

3AToys Campbells Bramble img 1 3A Toys Clamshells Soup Bramble

3A Toys always create the most insane bots, but as it can be seen here, this DIY ‘Clamshells Soup’ Bramble is is an incredible take on the canvas 3A provides. The Ashley Woods’ creation is superbly rendered in vinyl and plastic, and sports that grungy industrial/weathered look we’ve grown to love.

Source: ToyCutter


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  1. muffinman says:

    hi all, great site you’ve got here!

    errmm… about the description below this pic:
    a. it sounds -or rather reads- like this very bramble was made by the crew at 3A Toys (who i think are brilliant, creative and cool people not doubt about that!). but it wasn’t. it’s a customized DIY-Bramble. i should know – i made it.
    b. i very deliberately made that name “clamshell’s”… not “campbell’s”.
    i just wanted to put that right.
    thank you.

  2. collect3d says:

    I’ve corrected the post based on what you’ve said, and if you have any other issues with the post, just let me know! It’s a really beautiful piece, and we’re proud to feature it on our site. Keep creating!
    - Collect3d

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