How to Spot Quality in Designer Toys

Posted by collect3d, November 17th, 2014

If you have caught the wind of collecting designer toys then you are in for a great value when you finally decide to sell your collection. One way or another you will be giving up your collection for a more complex or for a bigger designer toy collectible stash but before you sell or trade your collection, you must learn how to spot quality in designer toys. Spotting quality is important so you will be able take care of your toys to preserve its value and also to look for high quality trades or sales.

  1. Original packaging – just like action figure toys of old, toys like designer toys preserve their value. You can therefore command a much higher price for toys that are still in their original packaging.
  2. Complete accessories – this is very important especially in plastic toys and action figures that come with their respective weapons, accessories and so on. Therefore you should also consider purchasing mint conditioned accessories or getting designer toys with all the accessories intact.
  3. Consider an entire collection – most collectors are not contented on one kind of designer toy but instead collect an entire set. This could be costly but consider the value of your collection once you decide to sell it in the future! Therefore if you are looking for an over the top way to take advantage of collecting designer toys, why not just collect the entire set?

Purchase only from legit retailers – while some designer toys creators have their own site where they sell items, some rely on retailers to do so. Be sure to develop a good working relationship with your retailer so you will never have to worry about the quality, collector’s value and the authenticity of your purchases.


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