How to Shop for 3D Printed Collectibles?

Posted by collect3d, November 24th, 2014

There is a cool collecting trend these days and these are not your average toy collection but rather a totally updated and inspiring 3D printed collectible toys and figures. This kind of collection is certainly making a huge splash in toy conventions, comic book conventions and even in online shops. But if you were to start your collection today, is there a really efficient way to shop for these collectible items?  Experts say that there are a few tricks to ensure that you are buying quality 3D printed collectibles:

1. Mint conditioned matters or sometimes overlooked

Mint conditioned toys are perfect however some 3D collections are in blind boxes, so you definitely need to open (ouch!) the packaging to check your purchase. But no matter, you must still keep the original packaging, accessories and supplies so you can trade or sell your collection for a worthwhile sum.

2. Complete your collection

Some collectors will never purchase unless you are selling an entire set. You will also find collectors with favorite characters or even pairings which makes it easier to have a complete collection to sell. Collections are also a great deal since you can purchase these for a discounted price.

3. Choose quality and rare collections

Just like purchasing jewelry or precious stones, the rarer the piece the valuable these become. And therefore you should save your money for unique collections rather than go for mainstream figures.

4. Shop from reliable retailers

You should read reviews and features from online sources about the reliability of a seller or you may insist on ordering directly from the creator or the designer. Any which way, you will ensure the quality and authenticity of your collection when you shop only from legit suppliers and never from fly by night collector shops.


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