Popular 3D Printed Toy Collections

Posted by collect3d, October 27th, 2014

If you ask what are the most popular 3D printed collections these days then there are  a few that might catch your attention. 3D printing is a very new technology and it is popular because it is very efficient and very practical to use rather than manually creating figures and toys. And as the trend becomes popular, the following are the most widely collected toys and figures:

Marvel Superheroes Collection

The admiration for Marvel characters has never ceased ever since the Avenger was seen on the big screen. Cool action 3D figures of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye are all on the web. You can even find collections with all the characters together or you may purchase each one which could be very expensive.

Star Wars

Yes the Star Wars franchise is on the roll and now these 3D collectible figures are sadly NOT sold as a child’s plaything! The latest figures are very intricately designed along with their respective costumes and weapons. You can even find Star War characters like Luke Skywalker with his respective vehicles and with matching weapon too. Definitely hands off to children, these cool collectibles are available from reliable retailers or from the designers themselves.

Anime characters

There is no doubt that any avid 3D collector has thought of collecting beautiful anime figures! Available in conventions, online stores and even novelty shops, you can find figures for almost any anime series you have watched. But the most enduring sensation is Miku Hatsune, a Vocaloid. She and her long teal hair with matching short teal outfit is No. 01 of all the Vocaloids. She is the most highly collected anime figure of all time second only to her friends Rin and Lin Kagamine No. 02 and other Vocaloid characters.


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