Playfight – Kickass Kuties

Posted by collect3d, March 1st, 2010

play fight Playfight   Kickass Kuties

Today we call on the Kickass Kuties from Lisa Petrucci‘s designer toy portfolio for the Playfight feature. Produced by Dark Horse in 2007, the Kickass Kuties each stand at 6-inches tall. All we need now is to hear from you which of these four you prefer. Is it, (L-R) Lil’ Leona Leopard, Devillish Dolly, Penny the Pirate or Lil’ Miss Monster?

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playfight KickassKuties cover Playfight   Kickass Kuties


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  1. Dan says:

    Have to say I’m loving the site!

    Picked Penny the Pirate. Arrr!

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