Play Fight – Qee Series 3

Posted by collect3d, July 19th, 2010

play fight3 Play Fight – Qee Series 3

We’re still on a nostalgia high, reminiscing about the good old days – remember Toy2R‘s Qee Series 3? Wasn’t that a great lineup of artists, putting together some amazing stuff? They sure don’t make them like they used to. Actually that’s not true – they make them exactly like they used to, but never let something as inconvenient as truth get in the way of a good flashback. But doddering aside, we’re having a hard time deciding which was the best of this classic series – can you give us a hand? Which was your favorite Qee from Series 3? Was it (from left to right): Angel Bear by Angel Devil, Killer Cat by Danny Chan, Sick Cat by Todd Wahnish, or Ultra Bear also by Todd Wahnish?

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Play Fight – Qee Series 3 Play Fight – Qee Series 3


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