Keeping Priceless Designer Toys

Posted by collect3d, November 10th, 2014

How do you keep designer toys? These toys are definitely more valuable than your average action figure or porcelain collection and therefore you should find efficient ways to keep them safe, secure and well-preserved. So how do you keep designer toys then?

  1. Never throw original packaging – whatever you do you should never throw away the original packaging of your designer toys. If you decide to play or open the box, carefully open the lid and never tear the carton even the seal that seals the upper or lower lid of the box. It is natural to inspect the toy especially when it comes in a blind box so you really need to open the box, but be extra careful.

    Hold on to your warranties or guarantees from the store should you need to return items.

  1. Keep similar toys together – keep your collection well organized by keeping similar toys together. And why you are at it why not create a log of all your collection? This will definitely help you find what you need especially when you have a growing collection.
  2. Cabinetry – if you decide to display your toys then you must have a suitable place to do so. Consider cabinets with glass doors that may be locked.
  3. Collector’s case/padded cases – these are handy when you are keeping a very valuable collection. Choose padded cases and cases with locks to secure your collection.
  4. Showroom – this is a collector’s dream! If you have a roomful of designer toys then why not use a spare room in your home as your hobby room? Fill the room with display cabinets, track lighting and cases where you can place valuable items. You may even temperature control the room and of course provide a lock to secure all your collections!


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