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Posted by collect3d, May 26th, 2010

D.I.Y. Jon Burgerman D.I.Y.   Jon Burgerman

This week, Jon Burgerman takes some time out of his busy schedule to answer our D.I.Y. questionnaire. Let’s see what Jon has to say for himself…

Jon Burgerman comes from Nottingham, which is best known for Robin Hood, lace and gun crime.

Back in the day, you thought of toys as divine luxuries. Today you see them as chewable nik naks.

As a kid my favorite toy was Action Man or Subbuteo

My first ‘real’ job was entering data into computers for Powergen.

Your favorite designer toy (by another artist) is the Stu Witter’s TMNT / Dunny custom.

I choose to work in this field because there’s not too many cow pats in it.

The best blank platform to work on is a piece of paper.

The most exciting moment in your career thus far has been getting free pens.

Jon Burgerman is the most lazy artist in the world.

I dislike it when a pigeon craps on my head.

I love it when, football teams that play in red lose.

The thing that inspires me most is the natural beauty of decay.

Pasta shapes, have been most influential media on my art.

The most underrated designers / artists today is Shepard Fairey.

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, I’d probably be asleep in a hollow log, begging woodland nymphs for spare gold coins.

One thing most people don’t believe about me is that I’m just a sad little man with very few redeeming qualities or social graces.

When my fans read this questionnaire they will hopefully send me money. Or love. Or both.

All good ideas start with a tidy desk and clean teeth.

My ultimate professional assignment would be to make character cakes.

My day is not complete until I go to sleep.

Filling out this D.I.Y feature survey was unfulfilling and has not abated my raging hunger.


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