D.I.Y. – DMS

Posted by collect3d, June 16th, 2010

D.I.Y. – DMS D.I.Y. – DMS

This week’s DIY covers Dan, aka DMS, the enigmatic figure behind the Duster figures that have been dropping left, right and center. Let’s see what the man behind these toys has got on his mind…

DMS comes from Cornwall UK, which is best known for the Cornish Pasty.

Back in the day, you thought of toys as things to break; today you see them as things to make.

As a kid my favorite toy was Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle.

My first ‘real’ job was Office Administrator and I hated it.

Your favorite designer toy (by another artist) is Large Martin by 3A.

I choose to work with toys because I stumbled across them by accident and loved the idea of 3D art pieces.

The best blank platform to work on is hard to choose, I prefer to work on my own figures. Mad*l and Teddy Troops are favourites though.

The most exciting moment in your career so far has been getting an order from a legendary New York graffiti artist.

DMS is the most impatient designer/artist in the world.

I dislike it when people eat with their mouth open.

I love it when people appreciate my figures (even more when they buy them).

The thing that inspires me most are freaky dreams.

The Internet has been the most influential media on my art.

The most underrated designer/artist today is someone we haven’t heard of.

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, I’d probably be working a job I hate!

One thing most people don’t believe about me is that I accidentally stabbed myself in the leg making a Duster figure, quite badly too.

When my fans read this questionnaire they will hopefully be willing to donate blood to clumsy artists.

All good ideas start by accident.

My ultimate professional assignment would be a 4ft tall Duster figure.

My day is not complete until I say goodnight to my wife, lock up, brush teeth and drink water.

Filling out this DIY feature survey was very unexpected and difficult to try and seem interesting.

More Info: DMS-One


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