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Posted by collect3d, July 28th, 2010

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This week’s DIY comes from the Golden State, his name is Dan Goodsell and he’s the artist behind popular toys like Mr. Toast, Joe the Egg, and Shaky Bacon. Dan is not only a talented artist, but overall a cool guy. Read on to see what he had to say in this week’s DIY feature.

Dan Goodsell comes from Los Angeles, CA which is best known for the great weather.

Back in the day, I thought of toys as things I loved; today I see them as things from my childhood to be found again and collected. For many years I have collected all the toys I had as a kid but that got thrown away.

As a kid my favorite toys were Ideal Zeroid robots, Freakies cereal figures, Green Ghost Game, Thingmakers and Incredible Edibles.

My first ‘real’ job was as a paperboy.

Your favorite designer toy (by another artist) are Uglydolls.

I choose to work with toys because I can. There are so many ways an artist can make their own toys now, everyone should do it.

The best blank platform to work on is a piece of paper.

The most exciting moment in your career so far has been realizing that people cared about the things I created.

Dan Goodsell is the most random designer/artist in the world.

I dislike it when packages get lost in the mail.

I love it when my artwork makes people laugh.

The thing that inspires me most are other artists like Dick Bruna, Ed Emberley, Mary Blair and about a million others.

Drawing has been most influential media on my art.

The most underrated designer / artist is Marvin Glass. Marvin was a classic toy designer from the 50′s and 60′s who created many amazing toys.

If I wasn’t working in toys, I’d probably be a fry cook.

One thing most people don’t believe about me is that I wanted to be a physicist when I was a kid.

When my fans read this questionnaire they will hopefully not riot in the streets.

All good ideas need to be handled with care and given time to grow into great ideas.

My ultimate professional assignment would be to design toys for Target stores.

My day is not complete until I go to sleep.

Filling out this DIY feature survey was very enjoyable.

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