D.I.Y. – Craig Anthony Perkins

Posted by collect3d, June 23rd, 2010

D.I.Y. – Craig Anthony Perkins D.I.Y. – Craig Anthony Perkins

This week, we talk to Craig Anthony Perkins, the creator of awesome toys like Broken Heart Robot, and Kricky the Alien Frog. A photographer, toy designer, record label founder and something of an all-around renaissance man, we’re really excited to give you Craig Anthony Perkins’ D.I.Y.

Craig Anthony Perkins comes from Los Angeles, California, USA which is best known for everything and anything plastic and fake that money can buy!

Back in the day, you thought of toys as my escape, my friends; today you see them as an expression of myself and still an escape.

As a kid my favorite toy was GI Joe, Evel Knievel and Planet Of The Apes figures.

My first ‘real’ job was as a magician believe it or not… That’s how I paid for my Gibson Les Paul Custom by age 13!

Your favorite designer toy (by another artist) is Mr. Bunny by Joe Ledbetter. Still can’t seem to get one for myself though.

I choose to work with toys because it’s yet another form of communication; a way to express what I feel when I can’t find the right words (which I also do with my music.)

The best blank platform to work on is, well, I don’t really work on blanks much myself but, I always found the typical dunny/munny too small which is why I created my Kricky toy; hoping people would find it more versatile to work with, but if I had to pick one (that’s not my own) I would say I love the Circus Punks.

The most exciting moment in your toy career so far has been seeing my Broken Heart Robot toys used for a non-toy related article in Wired Magazine! That’s when you know your intellectual property has gone from “toy industry art” to pop culture icon. Also being approached by a couple of TV studios…

Craig Anthony Perkins is the most self critical designer/artist in the world. Really. I beat myself up everyday over everything I do.

I dislike it when the ignorance and closed mindedness of others dictates the success or failure of the effort and passion of [any] artist.

I love it when someone takes the time to email me just to say how much my design has meant to them (this happens with my first toy the Broken Heart Robot a lot, as people seemed to really connect with it, especially outside of this toy collecting culture.)

The thing that inspires me most is music, love, loss, dreams, emotions, moods, heartache. Oddly enough, Photography has been most influential media on my art.

The most underrated designer / artist today is definitely Dok A. No matter how much praise he gets, it isn’t enough!

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, I’d probably be doing all the other things that I already do and don’t have enough time for (music, sound design, photography, writing, sociology research and trying to save the world.)

One thing most people don’t believe about me is how old I actually am!

When my fans read this questionnaire they will hopefully realize how much I split myself up with other projects (music, photography, etc.) which is why I don’t produce as many toys as other artists do; I’m always trying to do too many things at once!

All good ideas start with a spark of passion.

My ultimate professional assignment would be, well, I’m working on it and it’s a secret… (see last sentence of “Most exciting moment” question.)

My day is not complete until I lay in bed for two hours going over everything I’ve done in my life, trying to figure out what I could have done better, where I made a wrong turn and how I’m going to resolve it all the next day. I do this every night. It’s maddening. It hurts my brain…

Filling out this DIY feature survey was very revealing, like those dreams where you are running around in at school with no clothes on.

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  1. Rachel L. says:

    I LOVE my Broken Heart Robot and didn’t realize he had another toy out. Craig is one cool cat (i met him at comicon in 2006 i think?)

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