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Posted by collect3d, August 4th, 2010

Bytedust D.I.Y.   Bytedust

This week’s DIY is a European plush toy designer named Bytedust, known for his Cloud X2 and Hazmate plush toys. Read on for what he filled out in our DIY survey, you’ll see that he’s lives a humorous as well as intellectual life.

Bytedust comes from The Netherlands which is best known for it’s greenery, big villas, and billionaires

Back in the day, you thought of toys as a necessity of life; today you see them as exclusive decoration and inspiration.

As a kid, my favorite toy was electronic hobby kits from Philips and LEGO.

My first “real” job was a Scientist at University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA.

My favorite designer toy by another artist is The Feric Dunny Special from Series 3.

I choose to work wit toys because it makes me happy to create a 3D character out of scratch.

The best blank platform to work on is a piece of blank fabric.

The most exciting moment in your career so far has been when the postman brought my first lot of Cloud X2 plush toys from China.

Bytedust is the most optimistic artist in the world.

I dislike it when I don’t have inspiration or energy for new ideas.

I love it when creativity is flowing out of my fingertips.

The thing that inspires me most is how other artists using different techniques to express their creativity.

Adobe Illustrator has been the most influential media on my art.

If I wasn’t working in toys, I’d probably be a Scientist.

One thing most people don’t believe about me is that I studied Biomolecular Sciences (DNA, Genetics etc.) in university.

When my fans read this questionnaire, they will hopefully gather together and have a party.

All good ideas start with a spinning head and and nights of bad sleep.

My ultimate professional assignment would be to do a collaboration with Shepard Fairey.

My day is not complete until I check the news on my iPhone.

Filling out this DIY feature survey was very cheering, because I really feel like a major artist now.

More info: Bytedust


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