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Posted by collect3d, July 14th, 2010

partyhut D.I.Y.   Bwana Spoons

This week’s DIY feature comes from the Northwest United States as we talk with sculptor and artist Bwana Spoons. Not only is he a renowned toy customizer, but he’s also a pretty cool guy. Check out what Bwana Spoons had to say about himself, his work, and other tidbits!

Bwana Spoons comes from Portland, Oregon, USA which is best known for bikes, trees, beards, coffee, and beer.

Back in the day, you thought of toys as things to destroy; today you see them as art and things I can make. I used to pull he-man figures around with a rope, and use a knife to find buried Star Wars and Micronaut figures.

As a kid my favorite toy was Micronauts.

My first ‘real’ job was working for my dad at Aspen Construction.

Your favorite toy designer is Itokin Park, T9G, Biskup, But a No Hana, Gargamel, and my Grass Hut friends.

I choose to work in this field because I love toys, I started collecting Star Wars and Micronauts toys right out of high school.

The best blank platform to work on is your own.

The most exciting moment in your career so far has been working with Gargamel.

I dislike it when people make snap judgements, although I do it too.

I love it when a plan comes to fruition.

The thing that inspires me most is nature, weird animals like sloths, tapirs, turtles, Rainbowasaurus’ and killers.

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, I’d probably be an anthropologist, a landscaper, or a park ranger.

When my fans read this questionnaire they will hopefully not be reading this on their iPhone while pooping.

All good ideas start with a little spark.

My ultimate professional assignment would be to create playgrounds and parks.

My day is not complete until I do a little drawing, say hello to my family, had some tea, and rode my bicycle.

Filling out this DIY feature survey was odd but enjoyable, hope you had fun reading this.

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