How to collect designer toys

Posted by collect3d, September 29th, 2014

Show Tell turdhole How to collect designer toysDesigner toys - the hottest toys in town. Designer yoys are not your ordinary toys that kids play around and tear apart. Designer Toys are exclusive, artistically created and are collected by avid fans all around the world. There are many kinds, brands and categories of designer toys. If you are a collector of the odd, unique and toy art then a designer toy collection is for you! The question is, where do you start with a designer toy collection?  Here are some tips on how to collect designer toys:

1. Decide which designer toy you wish to collect. If you are new to this toy genre then you might want to start with miniature characters that you may be familiar with. These could be cartoon characters, anime characters or pop culture characters. Once you are sure which ones you would like to have for a collection then check out your options online.

2. Go to designer toys sites where you can browse and order your toys. Just like shopping for anything online, these toys are categorized and thus may be easier to find. But if you cannot find what you want then you may specify exactly what you are looking for using your browser.

3. You may also check out social media sites, forums and collector sites where you can find valuable designer toys and even trade-offs. These sites will help you purchase limited edition toys and stuff.

4. Choose your toy and then purchase online. Look for special promos and coupons so you may purchase your toy for a reasonable and discounted price.

5. Finally, create a stand or a collection cabinet where you can place your collection. Same rule applies for preserving the value of boxed toys. Toys that are still in their unopened boxes you will certainly preserve these toys’ market value!

Do you have some tips for the new designer toy collector?  Post a comment below.


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