Character Sketch: Mark Gmehling

Posted by collect3d, February 23rd, 2010

Mark Gmehling img 6 Character Sketch: Mark Gmehling

Mark Gmehling is from Hamburg, Germany, and when not rocking out with his band, he spends many hours creating bizarre 3D animations and character sketches on his computer. With his work having already been featured on skateboards and even in the occasional exhibition, we feel it’s high-time that he stock the racks of our favorite toy stores. Gmehling incorporates malleability and fluidity into his designs and the characters, sporting spider-like arms and legs, he creates are colourful and futuristic personas. Relying on a interesting mix of spiritual elements, technology and musical influences Mark Gmehling is definitely an artist to keep your eye on…


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  1. Hey there, thanks for the flowers…
    I’m from Dortmund… a nice city too.

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