What are 3D Printed Collectibles?

Posted by collect3d, November 3rd, 2014

You must have heard about 3D television and 3D movies but have you heard about the latest in toys and toy collections? Its 3D printed collectibles or figures. Yes these collectible figures were created using a 3D printer, the figure is scanned and a 3D printer creates the image in a layer by layer fashion.

3D printed collectibles start out as carved figures of any action toy, doll, porcelain figure or even a small sculpted figure of anything: a person, animal or a thing. The artists make a very accurate representation of the figure in wood or clay.

The finished sculpture is scanned using a powerful optical scanner which considers even the smallest and the most minimal flaw that you can find in the sculpture. Once the artist is satisfied with his model a copy is made.

The copy is like printing texts or pictures on paper; the 3D printer uses organic ink to create the design or the figure layer by layer also similar to how printers print any kind of file. It takes a few minutes to actually complete the figure and by the time it is finished, the action figure is complete.

After the figure cools or hardens, the artist applies pain or color onto the figure. The artist needs to have a precise eye and amazing skills to capture the actual color of the figure especially when the toy or figure is of a character or an actor.

A trip to an oven sets the color and transforms the figure into a durable item that won’t easily break or lose its color. After the figure cools, it is inspected for flaws and once it passes quality inspection it is packed and sealed.

Shipping to a retailer or to a collector takes time and therefore the packages are kept in a temperature controlled delivery system to ensure high quality.


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