Posted by collect3d, November 6th, 2014

ARTZ0059C zps4db32642 263x300 Bambi ARTZ0059B zps316536b1 263x300 Bambi ARTZ0059A zps9dd5a0ad 263x300 Bambi

ARTZ0060A zps99e514a2 263x300 Bambi ARTZ0060C zps22cddd5d 263x300 Bambi ARTZ0060B zps0f1d1a9b 263x300 Bambi

Once again Artoyz and Leblon Delienne join their forces to offer you the best of one of the most iconic character from Disney’s universe. The little fawn Bambi takes life in 3 dimension with a beautiful sculpt from the talented sculptor at Leblon-Delienne and the savoir-faire in vinyl toys from Artoyz!

Height : 17 cm  / 6.75 inches
Producer : Artoyz Originals x Leblon Delienne (Fr)
Packaging : Window Box
Available in Regular and Pink colors

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