Character Sketch: Rod Hunt

Posted by collect3d, February 2nd, 2010

RodHunt img 3 Character Sketch: Rod Hunt

For this week’s edition of Character Sketch we have our cross-hairs firmly trained on Rod Hunt; a well-established artist from the United Kingdom. His work is focused primarly on landscape illustrations for book covers, advertisements and theme park maps. Although Hunt’s work is fairly busy, it’s simple and clean, and reminds us of childhood memories of playing ‘Where’s Waldo?’ and ‘Sims.’ If you observe his work closely, you’ll discover Rod’s playful, hidden characters (like his mutated ants and aliens), as well as his eye for detail. We think Rod Hunt would take to toy customizing like a duck to water; he’s patient and skilled at painting elaborately tiny features and moreover, he’s successfully explored the world of papercraft in the ‘Ink This Dreams & Nightmares’ exhibit so it would be a fairly natural progression…


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