Character Sketch: Pacman23

Posted by collect3d, January 26th, 2010

Packman23 charactersketch img 5 Character Sketch: Pacman23

Francisco Perez goes by Pacman23, and he’s an up-and-coming Miami-based artist experimented with various eclectic projects (illustrating Virgin’s in-flight safety guide and designing sketch-book covers for example). It only makes sense that he venture into the realm of designer art toys – Pacman23 already incorporates robotic elements similar to those we’ve noticed in other successful designers like D-Lux and Atomic Mushroom.

Moreover, his sketch pad is filled with doodles of panda characters and Wild Jazz Bears (his signature character), some of whom have the classic retro appeal of both Pacman (even sporting Pacman eyes) and vintage Mickey. Yet, don’t think Pacman23 is just some copycat without any game – he has a trademark urban influence (by featuring streetwear and graffiti-inspired details) that many artists lack….


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