Character Sketch: Jublin

Posted by collect3d, February 9th, 2010

Jublin img 4 Character Sketch: Jublin

For this week’s Character Sketch, we’ve scouted Justin White aka Jublin, who’s a young illustrator and graphic designer from San Diego, California. Jublin first caught our eye because of his lighthearted creations –- you can’t help but smile at his characters — with their distorted proportions and blank stares. As we explored his work further, we found it as ironic as a funhouse of the unexpected, with plenty of wild animals on the loose, injured Pokémon and even out-of-control Unicorns.

Jublin makes us laugh, while playing around with the concept of savageness hidden beneath cuteness -– and when he simply goes for cuteness, we don’t mind either. We think Jublin has true potential to create some bubbly and entertaining designer toys. And it seems like Jublin is already heading in that direction, he’s currently working on a toy prototype for a gallery exhibit… We’ll be on the look out for that one, for sure.


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